Evening Entertainment


The post-match evening bash is the perfect way to mix with friends and players and for our athletes to relax and rehydrate themselves following the intense exersions of the big match. You will likely find them in the lounge in peaceful contemplation, some even like to meditate in order to relax. Recent studies show that repeated bicep curls can be an excellent way to improve circulation and help the body to recover. If you see any of our professionals exercising in this way don't be suprised. You can even help them by giving something to lift, approximately 560ml of fluids in a glass vesel is the recommended tool.


Feel free to talk to our players if you see them, they all like to meet new people and are rarely let out after the street lights come on. 18th century french literature and the virtues of leather soled shoes over rubber are safe topics to begin with. If you get talking with any player whos shirt number is greater than 7 then gently massaging their ego and complimenting their hair is recommended.


If you do manage to maintain a conversation with any of our players then there are certain questions which you will naturally want to ask. We will save you time by answering these in advance.

'Does it hurt?' - Don't ask this as they will only lie and assure you it doesn't.

'Why are props so much better looking than the backs?' - Just one of mother nature's little quirks.

'Isn't rugby just an excuse to act like neanderthals?' - Please don't use big words.

'Do you think footballers are as tough as rugby player?' - Time for you to go home.



Tickets are expected to sell very quickly and pre-orders are not being taken. Subscribe to updates to be alerted as soon as tickets go on sale. We will let you know where to get them.


Remember, all of the money we make goes to our chosen good causes.



This years evening entertainment will include;


Live band





Please drink responsibly