We are always open for new and returning player. Please see below for the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you are interested then please email us at


Do I have to work for the NHS?

Not at all. Everyone is welcome to train with us and take part in the warm up games (subject to selection), however, selection for the big games will prioritise NHS and related organisations but we always have guest players..


Can I play if I've never played before?

Experience is not necessary. We have registered coaches who will be able to prepare you. We currently have a number of players who have barely had a touch of a rugby ball.


Do I need to big and burley?

Of course not. A good rugby team is made up of a complete mix of sizes and abilities. Smaller guys are harder to catch after all.


Can women play?

We welcome and encourage everyone to join us for training but we do not have sufficient interest to establish a womens team. We hope that we will be in a position to do this within the next year or two.


Will there be a bouncy castle?

That's still a bit of a sore point, best not to ask.


How much will it cost me?

All players are asked to make a £25 donation which includes match fees and insurance and will also get you a pair of playing shorts and possibly a training/warm-up top. Last year players also received a number of items for free.


Will I be called rude names?

Only if we like you!!! Seriously though, we like a bit of banter but bullying and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.


Do I have to attend every training session?

No. Many of our players work shifts so cannot attend all of them. Some also do their own training on top.


Will it matter about my background, beliefs or orientation?

Not in the slightest. Why should it???


What if I already play for a club?

That is fine. Even better if it is Glasgow Warriors.


Is there an NHS Haka?

The combination of concussion and the after match refreshments may give that impression but no.


When will training begin?

Training will commence once the leagues have finished due to some of our players' club commitments.

How many games will there be?

We are planning on three warm up friendlies prior to the 'big game'.


If you don't see your question above then drop us an email at